Jordan Pilot Burned Alive by IS

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Feb 032015
jordan pilot Maaz al-Kassasbeh burned alive

The footage, which is titled ‘Healing the Believers Chests’ appears to show the captured airman wearing an orange jumpsuit as a trail of petrol leading up to the cage is seen being set on fire.
Flames are seen quickly spreading to the cage where they completely engulf the helpless pilot.

The video comes just days after ISIS’ British executioner in chief, Jihadi John, savagely murdered Japanese journalist Kenji Goto in a shocking filmed beheading after days of intensive negotiations through intermediaries to save him.
The footage showing Kassasbeh’s gruesome murder appears to be professionally shot and edited in the style of the horrific beheading videos featuring the terror group’s executioner in chief, Jihadi John.

The full 22 minute video in HD can be DOWNLOADED HERE! Continue reading »

Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Beheaded by IS

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Jan 312015
kenji goto

Japanese Hostage Kenji Goto Beheaded by IS

In a video that surfaced is Kenji Goto, the IS hostage from Japan, shown.
This time Jihad John has “A Message to the Government of Japan”.
As earlier on Kenji Goto had the same fate as Haruna Yukawa, the other Japanese hostage.
At the end of the video his decapitated body is shown.

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Syrian Officers and Pilots Mass Beheading 1080p Full HD

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Nov 182014
syrian pilots and officers beheaded 01

Syrian Officers and Pilots Mass Beheaded in 1080p Full HD

Download the video in Full 1080p HD HERE!

The format of this video is different from the previous ones, not only because it shows other beheadings but more because these are shown in graphic detail. The beheadings of the Syrian personnel is filmed in death squad style, with militants standing behind kneeling men in dark blue overalls. In slow motion shots, each of the militants is shown drawing a knife from a box on the side of the road.

“To Obama, the dog of Rome, today we are slaughtering the soldiers of Bashar and tomorrow we will be slaughtering your soldiers,” Jihadi John says. “And with Allah’s permission … the Islamic State will soon … begin to slaughter your people in your streets.”

The purported location was also disclosed, the northern Syrian town of Dabeq near the Turkish border. Jihadi John says they had buried Kassig there, “Here we are burying the first American crusader in Dabeq. Eagerly waiting for the remainder of your armies to arrive.” Continue reading »

Alan Henning Beheaded by IS video

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Oct 032014
allan henning

Alan Henning Beheaded by IS (Islamic State) video.

IS just released a video of the beheading of British aid worker Alan Henning.
This is the fourth video of beheadings by IS and called “Another Message to America and Its Allies”.
Henning was taken hostage in Syria december of last year and was shown in the previous beheading video of David Haines. Continue reading »

David Haines beheaded by ISIS Video

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Sep 142014
david haines beheaded

ISIS Beheads Briton David Haines, and threatens to Execute Another Briton, Alan Henning.

In a third video called “A Message to the Allies of America”. The 2 minute, 27 second video, entitled, “A Message to the Allies of America,” was produced by the IS’ al-Furqan Media Foundation, and was posted online on September 13, 2014. Similar to the previous videos of beheading American journalists James Wright Foley and Steven Joel Sotloff, the latest shows the victims decrying his government’s actions against the Islamic State and holding its leadership responsible for his death. Haines said to UK Prime Minister David Cameron: “You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State, just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst our British prime ministers who can’t find the courage to say no to the Americans”. Continue reading »

James Wright Foley Executed and Beheaded by ISIS video

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Aug 202014
james wright foley

James Wright Foley Beheaded by ISIS

James Foley has been executed by the Islamic State, a militant group formerly known as ISIS. James Wright Foley an American journalist who went missing in Syria late 2012,

A video and photos of Foley’s beheading and execution emerged on Tuesday. The video “A Message to America” (from the Islamic State) identified a man on his knees as “James Wright Foley,” and shows his beheading.
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Saddam Hussein

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Jun 092010

Saddam Hussein
Saddam Hussein Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti born April 28, 1937 – December 30, 2006)was the President of Iraq from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003.

A leading member of the revolutionary Ba’ath Party, which espoused secular pan-Arabism, economic modernization, and Arab socialism, Saddam played a key role in the 1968 coup that brought the party to long-term power. As vice president under the ailing General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, Saddam tightly controlled conflict between the government and the armed forces—at a time when many other groups were considered capable of overthrowing the government—by creating repressive security forces. In the early 1970s, Saddam spearheaded Iraq’s nationalization of the Western-owned Iraq Petroleum Company, which had long held a monopoly on the country’s oil. Through the 1970s, Saddam cemented his authority over the apparatuses of government as Iraq’s economy grew at a rapid pace.

As president, Saddam maintained power during the Iran–Iraq War (1980–1988) and the first Persian Gulf War (1991). During these conflicts, Saddam repressed movements he considered threatening to the stability of Iraq, particularly Shi’a and Kurdish movements seeking to overthrow the government or gain independence, respectively. Whereas some Arabs looked upon him as a hero for his aggressive stance against foreign intervention and for his support for the Palestinians, many Arabs and western leaders vilified him for his murdering of the Kurdish people of the north and his invasion of Kuwait. Saddam was deposed by the U.S. and its allies during the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
Captured by U.S. forces on 13 December 2003, Saddam was brought to trial under the Iraqi interim government set up by U.S.-led forces. On 5 November 2006, he was convicted of charges related to the executions of 148 Iraqi Shi’ites suspected of planning an assassination attempt against him, and was sentenced to death by hanging. Saddam was executed on 30 December 2006.
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