Denibraw was killed with several shots

The police of Rio Largo now has just recorded a homicide in blending Three Friends. A man looks 20 years, was killed with several shots fired the burning clothes. According popular, he is known only by “Denibraw” and not live together in housing. The delegate Jobson Cabral de Santana, from Rio Largo, who is vai [...]

Mendigo physically disabled is killed with shots to the head

A man whose identity was not revealed earlier now was murdered on the sidewalk of the Parish of St. Jude Thaddeus, in the neighborhood of Sawmill. According to witnesses, the man was a known beggar in the region, bearer of special needs, and some people came to hear three shots. Witnesses, however, unable to specify [...]

Jul 232011
Dona is murdered in a bar Murici

Maria de Mendonça was killed on the door of the bar The city of Murici was the scene of a bloody scene on the evening of Tuesday, 23. In the town known as High City, two men came to the Bar Asa Free and fire three shots against the owner, Maria de Mendonça, 36 years. [...]

Jul 032011
Killed with three shots

The police registered a murder most of the night Thursday, 1 st. This time the crime happened in Grota of Joy, in Benedito Bentes II. A crime that is drawing the attention of police of the 5 th District Police. Adailson Santos da Silva, only 13 years old, better known as “urêia,” was killed with [...]

Jun 242011
Jose Francisco had his skull crushed

Another murder was recorded in the capital alagoana. An unemployed Jose Francisco Soares da Silva, 29, was murdered just now in the neighborhood of Jacintinho. He was murdered the pedradas. According to the soldier Siderlane, 1 st Battalion of the PM, the victim was driving home to a sister, who lives in the neighborhood. The [...]

Man is killed with seven shots in Mangabeiras

A murder was recorded earlier in Mangabeiras now. Police from 1 st Battalion, led by cable Monteiro, were called to the location where found the body of a man, looks 35 years old and without any identification.According popular, it is not known to the area. “We never saw this guy here,” said one resident who [...]

José Sergio was killed inside the house

A crime recorded earlier in the Bom Parto, drew the attention of the local residents. Jose Sergio da Silva, 37 years, lived alone in New Town street. In the evening of Thursday, he was killed with several shots of gun in the home. According to reports, he was Batatinha seller of chips in the center [...]

Double murder in Vergel, man and woman murdered

A double homicide, handled the Vergel of the Lake District on the night of Friday. Nelson Silva Martins, 40, was in his car, a goal of red, MUO 7092/AL plate, with three more women, one child, when stopped the car near the bus terminal at the Village Kenedy, was killed with several fire, which affected [...]

Apr 202011
Fabinho was killed with four shots

The Police recorded earlier, a murder in Rio Largo, the victim was Fabio Junior Correia dos Santos, 18 years, reported the second Cape Rômulo of 8 ° Battalion, Fabinho, as was known, was attracted to a “cocó” (attract the victim to the dark) which was executed with four shots. The crime happened around the 20h [...]

Goalkeeper of Real Madrid is killed in Maceio

Aristótelles Nunes da Silva Filho, 22 years, “Gaiola”, was now dead earlier in the Chã Jaqueira. He was considered one of the best goleiros of amateur football league of the neighborhood and currently playing for Real Madrid, amateur team of the neighborhood. According to his mother, Maria Elisabeth da Silva, diarist, 42 years, she was [...]

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